Let’s get them answered

What is the first step toward working together?

Please either submit a contact form here on the website, or email directly, and Lauren will set up a complimentary 10-15 minute phone consult to learn about your needs and provide you with any further info.

How long does a session typically take?

Please refer to the Services page for details on general time frames. We estimate an average of 2-3 hours for each service, though if your space and/or styling needs require more time we can absolutely add on. It’s truly on an individual basis.

For Closet Curation/Organizing do you ever work in my closet without me?

We always work together with a client for the first session. It’s imperative to sort through things together to discuss what to keep, give away, etc. Once everything has been sorted, we can put everything back in place and organize without the client present if that is the preference.

What time of day do you find is best to work?

We typically find that most people have the highest energy level and focus in the morning or early afternoon, so we recommend that when feasible. Of course if your schedule does not permit that we can work out an alternative time frame together.

I'm a bit self-conscious of my space or clutter, should I try to tidy up before you arrive?

Absolutely not– zero judgement zone here! This is a very natural part of the process– to begin in a space that is not working for you and to turn it into one that is.

Does a personal shopper truly save me money?

Having objective and thoughtful support to help you shop for what you need and avoid the things you don’t is an investment in itself. The end result is owning lasting pieces that you will love and wear multiple times.

Where do you typically shop with clients?

The beautiful thing about partnering with clients is that we honor their unique style and preferences, visiting their trusted stores, and also take pride in expanding their horizons by introducing them to new brands and destinations that we know they will love.

What if in-store shopping just isn't in my wheelhouse at the moment but I desperately need something?

We’ve got you covered. We can bring a personalized shopping experience to you at home.

Do you have any type of "friends & family" referral program?

We adore friends AND family! Just have them contact us (and reference your name) and you’ll each get 10% off a subsequent service.

Working in someone’s space is very personal and you are entrusting us so please rest assured that trust and confidentiality is reciprocated. LSR Styling will never exchange or share information about any clients, nor will we make decisions without full client consent.