Kind Words

Life changing!!

Spent the day with Lauren reviewing my current closet and clothing situation. I was so impressed with Lauren’s patience and attention to detail in organizing and coordinating several areas of my room. It was definitely a “cleansing” that was much needed. I look forward to more fun and fashionable sessions!


Wardrobe Refresh

That was the best 2.5 hours ever spent. I had so much fun working with Lauren in my closet. I was dreading the experience and worried it might be emotional. Actually it was fun, easy and so rewarding. I felt so organized and was excited to wake up the next day to see which outfit I would wear first! I highly recommend Lauren to help clean, organize and assist with filling in your wardrobe gaps (black holes!)



I could not have been happier with this experience. Lauren came over to help me go through my wardrobe and put together new combinations and overall pull a chic, sophisticated and comfortable look together along with letting me know what was missing from my wardrobe. Lauren has amazing style and vision and put together outfits that were already existing in my closet that I never knew could look so great together!!! We also had so much fun while doing it and she made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone — even those who think they don’t need it — believe me, you have no idea what you’re missing! I look forward to continuing working with Lauren.


Thank you Lauren!

After 25 years in the suburbs, my husband and I sold our home and moved into the city. It was imperative that I organize and purge my closet before moving and lovely Lauren came to my rescue! Lauren is a delight to work with. She is ultra professional, extremely patient and has an amazing eye for fashion and detail. Lauren helped me purge my closet of clothes, bags and shoes that I was not wearing and definitely did not need. Lauren not only organized the remaining items in my closet, but arranged all the items we eliminated by designer and appropriate organization to then be sold or donated. Her service is invaluable, whether you are purging and eliminating or looking to organize and update your wardrobe. I am so grateful for Lauren’s help and can’t wait to continue working with her to find key pieces I am missing in my wardrobe that will ultimately make getting dressed easier and definitely more fun.


Valuable experience

Lauren is stylish, smart, and lovely to work with. She made the process of going though my closet productive and fun. I finished with a more edited wardrobe as well as fresh ideas on how to wear the clothes I already have so that the service was not only useful but a great value. I look forward to continuing to work with Lauren to further streamline my wardrobe and get her advice on pieces that would complement and complete the outfits we identified. Lauren also left my closet more visually appealing and organized. Lauren is also very professional – arriving on time and making sure I was happy with the process and the outcome. She is a gem!


Fantastic Session!

From start to finish, Lauren was a professional in every sense of the word. Her natural sense of style, experience in the field, and know-how when it came to organizing/editing my closet and helping me pull looks together was an amazing combination. She showed me new ways to wear things I hadn’t looked at in ages, helped me identify the pieces I truly need (and don’t need) in order to create a better foundation, and has removed the “I have nothing to wear” moment entirely. I’m actually excited to get dressed every morning now! Lauren has also been wonderful in terms of following up promptly and finding options/links to send me for the few items I was seeking- and they’ve all been a perfect fit for my personal style and body. I can’t wait to have her back next season to do the same exercise.


SO helpful

Lauren and I recently went shopping together and it was SO helpful! She not only gave me honest advice, but she also had me put on things that I never would have thought to try and they all worked great. Not to mention what a kind and wonderful person Lauren is…. not only was I able to get a number of perfect pieces- we had a lot of fun!